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Cost of drugs for treatment of impotence at Levi drugstore

Erectile dysfunction

Any erection problems, especially if it is repeated and worsens at every next attempt, suggest that you need to consult a specialist urgently.

Cialis at low cost

When I had an erection failure for the first time I was terrified and purchased Cialis pills at Levi drugstore and it was great. Since then I have been buying Cialis because it turned out to be an extremely effective medicine.

You are not the first, and you are not the last to face this problem, and believe me, modern science has already learned a lot about this problem and know how to overcome it successfully.

Today, many pharmaceuticals can eliminate the cause of decreased erection and improve potency.

Treatment of ED

Long-term and persistent improvement in erection function is possible only if the cause of its disorder is removed.

If the cause is a violation of the cardiovascular system, the doctor will prescribe drugs to treat it. In particular, medications to treat atherosclerosis.

If the causes were sexually transmitted diseases – the doctor could prescribe antibiotics of a wide range of actions.

In the case of hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy will be prescribed, which will help to normalize the level of testosterone in the blood. 

However, you should limit the use of testosterone drugs, as the body may stop to produce it naturally, which will lead to even more tragic consequences – pharmacological castration.

Today, there are many effective medicines to improve erections.

If the cause of the disappearance of the erection were a psychological factor, the patient would help psychotherapy.

As we can see, if a man has reduced sex drive and erection, despair is the last in the list of things you should do. You need to believe in the power of medicine, consult a specialist, adhere to the recommendations of the doctor, and first of all – not just believe, but be sure of success 100%. 

After all, thanks to the achievements of modern medicine, this problem is successfully solved in the vast majority of cases.